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Instulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction is soaring to incredible new heights.  The ICF method of construction is so revolutionary that many people think that the use of ICF will go down in history right next to asphalt shingles, PVC pipe, and drywall. 

The ICF system uses insulated foam panels as a form to accept poured concrete.  Once the concrete is poured and hardens, the home owner is left with a wall system that outperforms standard wood frame construction.  ICF outperforms standard wood frame construction in the following categories:

  • heating and cooling costs
  • strength
  • fire resistance
  • structural pest resistance
  • sound deadening
  • mold resistance
  • natural disaster resistance

Currently a ICF house costs just 5 - 10 percent more to build than a traditional wood framed house.  This cost is quickly justified after just a few years of saving money from the lower heating and cooling costs.