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Insulated Concrete Forms by CAS, Inc.
Certified Installer School & Training

Agenda Day 1

Agenda Day 2

  1. Sign In
  2. General Introduction & Product Overview
  3. VERSA-FORM Panel Plank System Installation
    How to prepare the Slab or Footing for ICF forms
    Pre-planning for the job
    Tooling Up for the job
  4. Installation Procedures
    Setting up the temporary bracing
    Corner Bracing, Tee Bracing, 45 degree
    Erecting the Bracing
  5. Building Windows and Door Frames
  6. Setting the ICF Forms
    Hand setting – running bond pattern
    Reinforcing steel tips and placement
  7. Erecting the Windows & Doors frames
  8. Anchoring the forms in place
  9. Topping out the wall
  10. Vertical steel placement
  11. Pre-setting embedded items
  12. Access for utilities
  13. Attachment of interior walls
  14. Pre-Pour Checklist Review
  15. Repairing & Replacing Forms prior to & during a pour
  16. Making the Concrete Pour
    Types of mechanical placement
    Concrete Mixes
    Picking a starting point and good jointing techniques
    Placing the concrete, consolidating & leveling the concrete
  17. Review and question time



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 call 1-800-961-1521

Cost = $150.00 - 1 person ea.  

$ 125.00 - 2 persons ea.  

$ 105.00 - 3 persons ea.


1.       Test Review time

2.       Written Test and Practical Exam

3.       Advanced Techniques
Fast Track Form Setting & Short
Cut Tips
Gang Setting Forms
Pre-cast Panels with
Tilt up Panels with

4.       New reinforcing steel materials

5.       Patented Bracing Systems